Villa Masini and the Liberty

Building constructed from 1924 to 1927, in the styles of Liberty, eclecticism and Art Déco; set for some scenes from the Oscar winning movie "La Vita è Bella" by Roberto Benigni

Montevarchi was an industrial city and at the end of the nineteenth century, the production of felt hats was flourishing in the city and were sold all over the world. One of the successful entrepreneurs of the time, Angiolo Masini decided to build this house for his second wife, in Art Nouveau and Art Deco style, now known as Villa Masini. The works were commissioned in 1924 to engineers Giuseppe Petrini and Luigi Zumkeller, the construction of the villa ended in 1927. It would have cost more than 2,000 lire, which was a considerable amount for the time. The villa is enriched with plaster and pictorial decorations, wrought iron artefacts, sculptures, polychrome stained glass and wooden features. From January to July 1944 the villa was the seat of the German Military Command and later was used as a hospital by the American troops, to eventually return to the owners’ use in 1945, they still live here today. Villa Masini has become famous thanks to the Oscar winning movie “La Vita è Bella” by Roberto Benigni (1994) who chose to shoot some scenes here (the house where Guido lives in the film is Villa Masini). Every spring the villa opens its doors for guided tours where you can admire the precious rooms and the eclectic outdoor environments with an aviary, a fountain with Triton and a circular kiosk supported by columns overlooking an artificial cave populated by fantastic sea monsters.

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Villa Masini
Via Pestello, 22/24
52025 Montevarchi (AR)
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Association for Villa Masini and the protection of Liberty

Opening times

The Villa can be visited during guided tours from spring to autumn.Tel. +39 347.6109529


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