Montevarchi, a corner of authentic Tuscany


The town of Montevarchi, located in the heart of Valdarno, shows the visitor a corner of authentic Tuscany. The well-preserved historic center with a medieval urban layout made up of small alleys, imposing buildings and large squares. The countryside is dotted with small villages where the land is cultivated and the quiet and silence of the landscape can be enjoyed. Good cuisine with local products, wine and oil, one of the local specialities is the famous Valdarno Chicken.
Viewed from above Montevarchi has a characteristic almond shape that makes it unmistakable, walking around the town we appreciate Piazza Varchi, the town hall with an imposing Palazzo del Podestà covered with coats of arms which remind us of the power the Guidi family and Florence had in the area, the Collegiate Church of San Lorenzo dating back to the 13th century but rebuilt a few centuries later on a project by Massimiliano Soldani Benzi.
History and art are two terms that accompany museums and churches. The Paleontological Museum takes us back in time, about 3 million years ago, with finds which illustrate how the elephant and the saber-toothed tiger lived here. Entering the Museum of Sacred Art we discover the wisdom of the Della Robbia family in the production of glazed earthenware and the temple attributed to Andrea della Robbia. The Conte Guerra’s Reliquia del Sacro Latte is one of the highest testimonies of the famous Florentine family. Contemporary art is the proposal of the” Cassero per la Svultura” with a collection of bronzes, marbles and terracottas representing a collection of 19th and 20th century Italian sculpture.