It is called MIV (Mobility in Valdarno) and is the circular that with its new means, reduced travel times, a high number of trips and innovative services on board, allows you to move comfortably and quickly in Valdarno.

Many advantages to move:

Just one ticket and go wherever you want. With the MIV ticket you can use both urban and suburban One Scarl lines. In practice, you move around the MIV area without worries.

Use MIV with other subscriptions too. If you have a One Scarl or Pegaso suburban subscription, you can take the MIV without paying any fees. As long as the section you want to travel is part of the validity section of your subscription (eg if you have a Figline-Arezzo subscription you can reach San Giovanni, Montevarchi or Levane using the MIV on the Figline-Arezzo route at no cost).

MIV integrates and you save. If you already have a suburban pass and want to use the bus on the whole MIV area even outside your route, buy the supplement and move freely throughout the Valdarno. (+5 € monthly, +15 € quarterly, +50 € annual).

The MIV also beyond the MIV. To and from the towns of Ambra, Pietraviva, Badia a Ruoti and San Pancrazio continues to use the SI91 line: the rates are the same as for the MIV. From and to the border towns such as Restone, Carresi, Figline, Matassino, Vaggio towards the Valdarno of Arezzo you can use both MIV or extra-urban races, both with MIV and extra-urban ticket with a km range.

Urban card. If you need to buy an MIV subscription, remember to redo the urban card by September: the cost is € 6 and is valid for 3 years. With the card you have free access to the entire MIV network. Contact the resellers equipped with computers or the Terranuova bus station.

All information on timetables, routes and tickets on the website